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Maxell - Ozoneo Anti-Bacteria Air Deodorizer MXAP-AE270 (White)

    • Eliminating bacteria and odors and removing viruses with the effect of ozone* that rapidly reaches every corner of the room

    • Including Staphylococcus aureus and E.Coli

    • Eliminates 99% of bacteria in 1 hour, eliminates 99% of virus in 2 hours, eliminates odor in 4 hours

    • 3 ozone fan strength switching modes: Weak mode: about 1.55 to 9.3 m2 / Medium mode: about 9.3 to 21.7 m2 / Strong mode: about 18.6 to 31 m2

    • Designed to be near-silent and can be comfortably used in places such as bedrooms where silence is required

    • Low operating cost

    • Timer function automatically turns the power off after about 8 hours if you forget to turn it off.

    • Maintenance is easy – just remove any dust from the filter and ozone unit

    *This product emits ozone air adjusted to a level lower than the environment standard (0.05ppm)


  • Country of Origin : China



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New Maxell - Ozoneo Anti-Bacteria Air Deodorizer MXAP-AE270 (White)