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Kiwinuka - 100% from New Zealand with pure Kiwifruit & Manuka Honey

Kiwifruit features

✓ prevent cardiovascular disease

✓ Strengthen resistance

✓ Improve gut health

✓ Improve sleep quality

✓ Anti-aging

Manuka honey features           

✓ Enhance physical fitness

✓ Improve stomach & intestines

✓ Skin Moisture & Nourishes

✓ Improve gut function

✓ Anti-bacterial

HK$55.00 HK$48.00

CHABAA - 100% Tangerine Orange Juice with Orange Sacs 1LT x 12/set (Random Packing)

Vitamin C of Orange helps boost the immune system
HK$334.80 HK$268.00

CHABAA - 100% Mango & Grape Juice 1LT x 12/set (Random Packing)

Mango fruit is rich in Vitamins and antioxidant
HK$334.80 HK$268.00

CHABAA - 100% Pomelo & Grape Juice with Pomelo Flesh 1LT x 12/set (Random Packing)

Pomelo contains phosphorus, calcium, lipid acid and vitamins A and B
HK$334.80 HK$268.00

CHABAA - 100% Pure Coconut Water 1LT x 12/set (Random Packing)

5 key electrolytes
HK$372.00 HK$358.00