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AKOi Heart - Real Time Baby Care Alarm System

    • Breathing Detection 

      • AKOi Heart checks fine breathing rhythm of your baby 24 hours a day.

      • In case your baby’s respiration state fails to be detected for 10 seconds, the alarm will be immediately sent to your Smartphone.

    • Rolling-over Detection

      • Babies often try to roll over even before knowing how to keep their balance.

      • AKOi Heart will immediately send you real-time alarm when your baby rolls over up to 120˚.

    • Diaper Detection

      • It is vital to change your baby’s diaper immediately when your baby suffers from atopy, eczema and rash or has sensitive skin.

      • When your baby urinates, the alarm will be sent to your Smartphone(available for cloth diapers as well)



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New AKOi Heart - Real Time Baby Care Alarm System